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Strip clubs can be good fun, but these trips can also turn into an expensive, wallet-draining waste of time and money.

Let's be honest -- wouldn't it be great to learn how to pick up strippers and hang out with them away from where they work, rather than blowing your money on pointless "dances" and overpriced drinks?

I'm going to show you exactly how to mack on strippers and give you a step-by-step course of action that enables you to engage strippers in EFFECTIVE conversations -- so that the strippers stop treating you like a typical sucker, and feel sexual interest in you.

I'll also give you a super-powerful "stealth tactic" that will enable you to score her phone number and lock down a plan to meet her after she ends her work -- and the only funds you'll need to drop at the strip club is buying a round or two of drinks.

But before I get into the details of how to pick up strippers, consider this: do you act like an average customer at the strip clubs -- giving straight answers to HER questions, going along with HER suggestions, and spending your cash when she encourages you to?

Seriously, is that how you behave in the strip club? Or, do you prompt sexy strippers to go along with YOUR game plan? The big question is, do you project a sense of lighthearted, masculine confidence when you flirt with hot strippers -- so that hot strippers do not treat you as simply another "mark" who can easily be suckered out of his money?

When I talk about acting a bit cocky and playful in the strip club, it means that if a sexy stripper says to you "do you want a dance," you could flip it around and pretend like SHE is asking you to dance for HER. Give a response such as...

"Do I want to dance for you? Well I guess I could, but I charge $100 for three songs -- and promise me you're going to behave yourself."

By the same token, if the stripper asks you "can you buy me a drink?", you say...

"I suppose that I COULD buy you a drink, but before I do that I want to knowif you and me are going to get along. So, tell me something about yourself that these customer guys would never suspect about you."

See, the goal is to get her to share her goals, and perhaps even a hidden talent, that she typically would not share with a guy she meets at the strip clubs.

Then, I can teach you a sequence of CLOSING manuevers that enable you to take this relationship OUT of the strip club...and finally, to your bedroom.

If you enjoy going to strip clubs every now and then (and I'm certainly in this category), why should you be another normal customer and blow your hard-earned cash and head home alone with nothing to show for it?It's time for you to find out exactly how to flip it around and make scorching-hot exotic dancers play along with your game, and your rules.

Trust me, you can master tactics that get results -- and when you possess solid "stripper game" and know precisely how to pick up strippers, scoring with really hot women in other locations really doesn't feel like a challenge any more.

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