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Strip clubs can be fun, but these trips can also become an expensive, wallet-draining waste of time. Let's be honest -- wouldn't it be awesome to know how to pick up strippers and hang out with them away from the strip clubs instead of blowing your money on sexually frustrating lap-dances and overpriced drinks?

Well, I can show you a step-by-step process that allows you to engage strippers in powerfully effective conversations -- so that instead of treating you like the run of the mill customer, hot strippers will be curious about seeing you OUTSIDE of the strip club.

I'll also show you a KILLER "stealth move" that will let you get her phone number and lock down a plan to meet her after she finishes her work -- and the only cash you'll need to spend at the strip club is purchasing a couple of drinks.

But before I get into the details of how to pick up strippers, think about this: do you behave like an average customer at the strip clubs -- answering HER questions, going along with HER suggestions, and spending your money when she encourages you to?

Or, do you make hot exotic dancers play YOUR game? Do you project a sense of lighthearted, masculine confidence when you meet beautiful strippers -- so that hot strippers DON'T see you as just another chump who is easy to fleece for his money?

Being cocky and playful in strip clubs means when a hot stripper asks you "do you want a dance," you might reverse it and act like SHE wants a dance from YOU. You say...

"Do I want to dance for YOU? Well I guess I could, but I charge $100 for three songs -- and promise me you're going to behave yourself."

If she says "can you buy me a drink?", you say...

"Well, I suppose I COULD buy you a drink, but first I want to know whether we'd get along. So tell me something about yourself that no customer in this place would ever guess about you."

You want to get her to disclose her goals, and interests, that she typically wouldn't share with a dude she talks to at work.

Then, I can teach you a sequence of CLOSING strategies that make it possible for you to take things OUT of the strip club...and ultimately, into your bed.

If you enjoy going to strip clubs sometimes (as I do), why be another "chump customer" and waste money on nothing? It's time for you to find out how to TURN THE TABLES and make sexy strippers play YOUR game.

Believe me, you can learn tactics that get the job done -- and once you've got solid "stripper game" and know exactly how to pick up strippers, picking up really hot women in other settings really starts to become fun and easy!

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